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Settlement Agreement Exchanging Shifts 2006

Jackson Hospital Staff Parking Waiver

Extreme Medical Notice!

Informal resolution Dialysis MOU 2009

FDC Warden's Response Letter to OSHA

Indoor Environmental Evaluation at FDC Oct 2009 Miami

Informal Resolution Preventing H1N1 outbreak at FDC Miami Nov 2009

Informal Resolution Response AW H1N1

Grievance Sending Inmates to SHU

Warden's Response to Grievance

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Influenza Vaccine Information 2009

Steps if you get H1N1

Swine Flu Memo to the Warden May 1, 2009

LMR Memo about Infectious Control Aug 2009


January 2010 Union Meeting Minutes

Letter to Warden McGrew May 2010

Removal of Health Services Counseling Letters 2010

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Invoking Memo for Change of Working Conditions for Custody Post July 2010

Unit Scanners 2010

Legislative Issues 2010

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Informal Dept.Head 2010

Arbitration Notice to ALL MEMBERS Regarding Reasonable Accommodations  that was denied to our members by former Warden L. McGrew!
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posted Sept 2012

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Arbitration Notice To All Members!!!

Settlement with Union and Management has been reached in regards to bargaining members that  may request to exchange work assignments, days off, and/or shift hours with one another. Supervisory decisions on such requests will take into account such factors as security and staffing requirements and will ensure that no overtime cost will be incurred.
See attachment below!
( July 2011)

Approval Message and Settlement 2011

Local 501 has invoke arbitration on Grievance to R.E. Holt, Regional Director regarding Reasonable Accommodations practices at FDC Miami ( see Grievances Section ). 

There has been a settlement with the Council of Prisons and Agency regarding Sick Leave Restriction Letters that were issued to our members. Please read agreement on MOU / Agreement section.
(posted 9/25/2010)

Council of Prisons Locals 33 has issued the Director of BOP a Letter regarding use of firearms by BOP employees ( see below attachment)!

Posted September 16, 2010

Letter to BOP Director Sept 2010

E-mail Message

Letter given to a bargaining member by Management regarding "light duty" due to illness or injury. Management does not care about taking care of their own in times of need. This has been done in the past, but now, it's "NO" to everyone. This is not the way to take care of "the Bureau's most important resources". 
Local 501 will be filing informal resolution to the Warden in the near future ( click below for letter). Posted August 2010

Letter about TAD assignment from Management